Friday, October 30, 2009

Cooking's kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you.

Halloween is a fun time to make crazy treats for kids. With the surplus of books out there filled with spooky Halloween food it's not hard to get fun and easy ideas. Calico is going to be a spider for Halloween this year so we decided to make spider cupcakes.

We used a boxed chocolate cake mix and a tub of pre-made chocolate and vanilla frosting. Easy, easy. All you have to do is prepare cupcakes following the box directions, cool, and frost. Then the fun begins.

We used a variety of candies (chocolate licorice, candy corn, chocolate sprinkles, and Necco candies) to decorate the frosted cupcakes. For the spider legs** we cut the licorice in half lengthwise and crosswise. For the eyes, we used Necco candies, but Red Hots would work well too.

We dyed some of the vanilla frosting orange just for something different. Kids love watching the white frosting turn orange with just a few drops of food coloring. Coconut can also be dyed for different effects. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

** For all you entomologist out there that want to be anatomically correct, put eight legs on your spider cupcakes.


  1. This great CaliCook, and just in time for Halloween.

  2. Those are some scary cupcakes, and it's the time of the season for sweets and scariness, so you are right in step. Thanks for the great idea on the legs. The kids will love biting off the tiny legs and pretending they are eating spiders. Yum. Fie, Fie, Foe Fum, I bit off the legs of a cupcake one.

  3. Dear anonymous, I love Halloween. I wish there were more excuses throughout the year to dress up in silly costumes and make funny foods. I'm gathering lots of scary food ideas for next year. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I love 2 things, candy corn and tons of frosting! You're making me hungry for those cupcakes...
    Thanks for the fat hips I will soon have.
    Love you...
    Your cousin! :)