Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grilling peaches is easy like Sunday morning

Who would have thought barbecuing fruit on the grill would be so fabulous? But that's where we're going with this tasty dish.

When I first suggested this to my Dad, he looked at me like I was his crazy daughter that you'd keep in the basement -- until he tasted my grilled peaches. Now he keeps asking me, "When are we having that barbecued fruit again?" "Just as soon as you let me out of the basement, Dad."

Only kidding in case any of my dear readers might think CaliCook is wacky. But back to the grilled peaches. We had the barbecue fired up anyway for some beef kabobs, so throwing on some fruit was easy.


3 ripe freestone peaches
Non-stick cooking spray
Brown sugar, if desired

Split peaches in half and spray tops and bottoms with non-stick cooking spray. Place, cut side down on hot grill for about 5 minutes or until grill marks appear. Turn over and cook for 5 more minutes or until soft. Remove from barbecue and serve. Sprinkle a little brown sugar over the top.

Be sure you use freestone peaches because it's easy to get the pit out without destroying the beauty of the fruit. Other fruits that grill up nicely are pineapple, plums or bananas. You can add lots of things to grilled fruit. My suggestions are drizzling them with honey, maple syrup, vanilla yogurt, or balsamic vinegar. It just depends on how bold you want to be.

I had one grilled peach left over after dinner, so after everyone had gone home, I warmed it slightly in the microwave, sliced it into chunks, and dumped it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream... DELIGHTFUL!


  1. i love grilled fruit to be honest! yummy
    thanks for visiting my blogs and i realize, we have the same interest : sharing infos and experiences to others.

    keep cooking, keep sharing ;)

  2. Thanks syuk. And you... Keep snapping and keep posting.

  3. Grilling peaches is a very sophisticated summer dessert. Good one Calicook! My fave way serving this is using white peaches and dousing with a balsamic syrup and fresh rosemary. Of course, you can NEVER go wrong with a smidge of bleu cheese... so artst. And don't forget that muscat or port!

  4. All these suggestions for grilling peaches makes me want to fire up the barbecue and give it a try. . . Thanks for the great ideas. I heard that apples are good for grilling becauyse they keep their crispness, but soften up some. Brown sugar over the apples is heavenly.